Men’s Ugg boots have been around for decades, first worn by rural farmers, and then made for surfers who wanted to keep their feet warm after catching the chilly early morning waves. The same classic style is still made today, as well as a range of other styles for men who love the comfort and warmth of sheepskin lined Uggs. Shop at The Ugg Store today and enjoy a wide selection of men’s looks.

Find the Ugg for men that suits you

When Ugg created their boots, they were a unisex style, and over time, the Ugg for men range was made to reflect the styles men want, as well as giving a better fit.

In the men’s range, you’ll still find the Ugg Classic, which is close to the original Ugg boots. Still popular with surfers, as well as men who play sports or just those who like a comfortable shoe, these boots are high quality and can last for years. When you’ve been working out, or been on your feet all day, these boots feel great to slip on, and they’re designed to be worn without socks, as they almost instantly warm up cold feet. These boots also come in short and tall lengths to give you different looks.

You’ll also find Ugg slippers for men, lace-up boots and more, all made with the same cosy sheepskin lining as the classic boots.

At The Ugg Store, you can shop for men’s Ugg boots online at low prices. We offer delivery across Australia and New Zealand, and always have great offers on our men’s Uggs so you can find your favourite style for less.